Sharing My Vision of Sex Therapy

In my work with couples and individual adults I seek to help people discover their sexual selves. I hope to help couples discover how to be sexual in ways that bring them closer and create an atmosphere within which they can reveal themselves through sexual play and passion. Often clients use sex as a way of communicating their anger and resentment towards each other and their disappointment in the relationship. They do this through withholding sexual intimacy or not paying attention to their partner’s sexual and nonsexual requests. Often clients are simply uninformed about basic sexual anatomy and physiology. Sometimes clients need help overcoming guilt and shame they have learned to associate with sexual desire and fulfillment.

I try and help clients let go of destructive beliefs and behaviors that prevent them from knowing and revealing themselves to their partners. I encourage clients to value themselves and take responsibility for knowing and asking for what they want on a sexual lever.

I hope to help couples and individuals solve pressing and ongoing problems and to explore how resolving and tolerating feelings related to these problems strengthens us, helping us to grow into better human beings. There is no area that facilitates this growth more than an exploration of the sexual self and how we express our sexual self in relationships with others. Through the resolution of desire problems and other sexual dysfunction clients come to understand themselves, as well as, reveal themselves to their partners, thus creating true intimacy, promoting passionate and enduring lifelong relationships.

Brief History of My Sex Therapy Practice and Education

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) and a Certified Sex Therapist (CST). I received my undergraduate and graduate degree at the University of Colorado at Denver. I completed my Certification program in June of 2003 and was granted diplomatic status by the National Board of Sexology in September of 2003.

After completing my graduate studies and becoming licensed by the state I garnered four years of experience working for a state agency doing clinical, trauma work with families, adults and children. I became interested in the area of sex therapy during my graduate studies.

After leaving graduate school I was invited to join the private practice operating under the auspices of Maria Droste Services (MDS). I remained at MDS for 6 years and recently left there to open my own private practice, Glow Counseling Center, where I specialize in Sex Therapy, focusing on the area of sexual dysfunction in individuals and couples. I also work with other sexual problems. I am interested in helping clients address sexual problems that distress them and limit their sexual expression.