Helping individuals and couples create passionate, healthy sexual lives.

Helping individuals and couples create passionate, healthy sexual lives.

Sexual dysfunction can cause anger, shame and distance in marriages and long term relationships.  It is common for couples  to encounter sexual problems, what is uncommon is for couples to do something about those problems before they damage the relationships irreparably.  Denver Sex Therapy is here to help you with intimacy problems.  Evelyn Green is a Licensed Professional Councilor and a Certified Sex Therapist.  She has several years of experience working with desire problems, erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.

Evelyn Green, Denver Sex Therapist

Denver Sex Therapy is a Denver-based private practice founded by Evelyn Green, LPC. I am an African American therapist who works with people of color from the black, brown, and Asian communities addressing nonsexual problems created by the experience of racism, sexism and homophobia. I also work with first generation Americans/ children of immigrants, on issues of intergenerational trauma and clashes in values.

My client-centered work also focuses on women’s issues including depression, anxiety, as well as intergenerational, childhood and current traumas.

How Denver’s Sex Therapist Can Help You

Sex therapy is a place to talk about sex in a non-shaming and accepting environment. It is a place to discuss sexual growth and how a client makes meaning of their own sexual desires.

Staying coupled or married is often difficult and tedious. The sex associated with it can be awkward and boring. I often hear couples, in counseling sessions, say they want their marriage to be the way it was during their courtship.

It is important to understand that sexuality is dynamic, growing and organic. A lover may need or want something at the beginning of the relationship and not have that same need later on in a long term relationship.

Dedicated to Providing Therapy for Individuals, Couples and Families

Denver Sex Therapy is dedicated to providing therapy for individuals, couples, and families as well as therapy, support group, and workshops on issues of personal, relational and community liberation. My work is informed by a philosophy that seeks equality and wholeness for all people.

I help couples and individuals face and deal with sexual problems with respect, caring and empathy. Some research indicates that when a couple begins having significant problems in the relationship they wait, on average, 6 years before seeking help.  Often this means that a considerable amount of anger and resentment have built up in the relationship.  The sooner you come in for help to successfully cope with these problems the better chance you have of growing a happy, healthy sexual life.

Issues and Concerns Addressed in my Denver Sex Therapy Practice:

  • African American Centered Therapy
  • Couples Counseling
  • Gay and Lesbian Relationships
  • Low Desire: low libido or sex drive
  • Mate Selection, Dating Issues
  • Painful Sex
  • Post Partum desire problems
  • Sex Addiction and sexual compulsive behavior
  • Sexual Identity
  • Understanding your sexuality

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